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Let go of being the primary manager of your home & family and achieve a more equitable division of labor when it comes to household & family management responsibilities.


Empower women in your organization's talent pipeline to fully & actively engage in their career through motivational, educational and personable sessions.


Read about techniques for achieving a more equitable division of labor in your home and gain insights on social norms, gender roles and gender equality.



Nicole developed the Beautifully Krazy Life™ program to empower working mothers to let go of the ownership of household & family responsibilities and achieve a more equitable division of labor in their home.  By making the shift, working mothers gain back their energy, motivation and desire to engage more in other aspects of their life - career, relationships, hobbies and dreams - and, ultimately, reclaim their life. 

The shift to a more equitable division of labor in the home (known as "Getting to 50/50" by Sharon Meers & Joanna Strober) can be achieved by:

  1. Preparing to let go of being the primary manager of your home & family by learning about behaviors that prevent your partner from taking ownership of these responsibilities.

  2. Determining which techniques will allow you to comfortably let go of being the owner of household & family management responsibilities.

  3. Assessing household & family management processes currently in place and determining what is and isn't working well.

  4. Defining streamlined, efficient processes and appropriate cadence for your home

  5. Engaging your partner in planning for the new division of ownership for household & family management responsibilities.

  6. Developing process and communication tools & strategies.

I had reached a point where I was so overwhelmed with the management of my home and family that I felt like the ship was sinking.  After just one session with Nicole, I felt a major reduction in my stress levels.  I implemented some of the strategies she taught me and was successfully able to reclaim time for my self.

Jenny Manis, Teacher and Mother of 2


Nicole M. Severson

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