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Empowering women to lead the shift to an equitable division of labor in their homes so they can reclaim the energy, motivation and desire they need to live their best life.


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Nicole has worked full-time outside of the home in Corporate America for over 20 years.  She is a wife and a mom (to both furry and non-furry kids) and knows all too well about the challenges of juggling career, home and family while trying to maintain some semblance of her SELF and her LIFE.  As a new mom Nicole tried to attain the goal of “having it all” that had been impressed upon her by society and herself.  After more than a year of chasing that unattainable myth and learning that she was not alone in the challenges she faced as a mom with a career, Nicole decided things needed to change. 


Nicole toyed with both opting in to her career while opting out of household & family management and opting out of her career while opting in to household & family management. Unhappy with the end result these options yielded Nicole decided to take a different approach - she started making changes to to support a more equitable division of labor in her home.  After seeing the shift in her home, feeling the burden lessen, and finally reclaiming her energy, motivation and desire, Nicole developed the Beautifully Krazy Life™ program to help other women reclaim their SELF and their LIFE. 


Nicole M. Severson

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