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How to Make Your New Years Resolutions Stick in 5 Easy Steps

New Year’s Resolutions. If you are like most people who make them, you will ditch ‘em by mid-February In fact, it’s such a phenomenon - with 80% dropping their resolutions - that a day has been dedicated to it: Quitters Day.

I, for one, haven’t believed in New Year’s Resolutions in … well, maybe ever. I don’t remember ever making one. Before I was old enough to celebrate with friends, I used to spend my New Year’s Eves writing the upcoming year on a piece of paper over and over and over again. I found it cathartic…a way to say good-bye to the previous and be prepared for the New Year. There was no way I was going to writing the wrong year on school assignments once we were back at school after break.

I’m sure it’s possible that as I got older, celebrated with friends, and learned more about the tradition of setting New Year’s Resolutions that I may have set a few here and there - but obviously nothing monumental or worthy of sticking. It would make sense that I never made New Year’s Resolutions given that the word “Resolution” brings to my mind thoughts of hopes and dreams and wishes. All of which are a dime a dozen.

I understand how the quitting of resolutions happens - especially for working moms. The promise of a New Year - especially with the ringing in of 2021 and the kicking 2020 to the curb - brings an excitement and renewed energy to us. There is a hope and anticipation that the upcoming year will be different…that things will change. So resolutions are made and we are determined to go get ‘em.

Then school starts back up, we head back to work, and the daily grind begins. The overwhelm and exhaustion that comes with the mental load of motherhood returns so, without being conscious or mindful, we fall back on our usual routines and habits to get us through. It is easier (and quicker!) to fall back to our usual way of doing things so that we can get through the day. So those lofty, dreamy, hope-filled resolutions get abandoned.

There are ways, however, to attain the end-results you are looking for.

Here are 5 steps that time-strapped, energy-sapped, working moms can take in order to be successful in making changes:

  1. Choose ONE goal or change that you want to make

  2. Develop a realistic action plan

  3. Set a start date

  4. Move forward with your plan step-by-step

  5. Remain accountable

Keep in mind, as you move forward with your plan, when challenges come up or you slip off course, BE KIND TO YOURSELF. Life throws us curveballs - we have the choice to let them knock us down permanently or take the opportunity to regroup and continue to move forward. So, lovingly pick yourself back up, adjust your plan if necessary, and get back at it. You’ve got this, Mama! 🧡

Is 2021 your year to ditch the mental load of motherhood?

If so, join me and like-minded working mamas in the Beautifully Krazy Life™ Community on Facebook for tips, guidance, trainings and support.

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