Thank you so very much for joining Emily and I as we chatted about how to share the holiday mental load with your partner in this week’s Live n’ Learn. I’m so very excited to offer you tools, more details and additional support as you build out your Holiday Preparations Plan to include your partner!

All 3 sessions of the 2020 Happier Holidays 3-Day Challenge are now available for you to binge watch on replay

thru November 18, 2020 (+ you’ll get 3 simple and powerful tools).


You'll learn more about how to do less by getting your partner to do more (while keeping the level of control that you are comfortable with) so that you can reclaim your energy and fully enjoy the holidays. At the end of the three sessions you are going to walk away with your very own Holiday Preparation Plan that will have a timeline, be focused on the things that are important to you, and (most importantly) be carried out by you AND your partner.


You will get access to:

  • 3 short Facebook Live videos where I will walk you through three simple steps

  • A simple, powerful activity to complete with each step and get you one step closer to lightening your load this holiday season

  • A FREE Facebook private community of other working moms looking to get their partner to do their fair share

  • ME!  I will be available to you for support, to answer questions and cheer you on every step of the way


PLUS, when you sign-up for The Challenge you will get access to a FREE downloadable workbook with space to take notes and capture “A-Ha” breakthroughs.


Think about what a load off your mind it will be to have a game plan in place by mid-November - and before year-end activities kick-off at work -  that you and your partner can run with.


Sign-up now and get ready for Happier Holidays this year!

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